This server is setup to give players currency for the time spent online to be used to buy things via global chat.

Currently 1 ingame minute is 1 ingame currency. It is setup on a 5 minute interval.

To use open global chat and type
/shop 1 = Page 1
/shop 2 = Page 2
/shop <page> = Goto page <number>
/points = Check available currency
/buy <ITEMID> <QTY> = Purchases <ITEMID> <QTY>
/sell gold <QTY> = Sells <QTY> gold for 1 in-game currency each

for ex.
/buy sword 1 = Will purchase 1 sword
/buy grapplinghook 3 = Will purchase 3 grappling hooks
/sell gold 3 = Will Sell 3 gold for 3 in game currency

Pricing is subject to change.

Below Is The Current Shop List