Armor Donation Received!

Thank you, your donation has been received.  We greatly appreciate your support.  Please give admin up to 24 hours to load your donation to your SteamID.
If for some reason your donation hasn’t been processed within 24 hours, please contact Infiniti#7259 on Discord.

When an admin has finished loading your donation to your SteamID:
Open globalchat and type:

/kit armorkit

Your Donation Gives:

(1) Quality 10 – Plate Shirt Blueprint
(1) Quality 10 – Plate Pants Blueprint
(1) Quality 10 – Plate Helmet Blueprint
(1) Quality 10 – Plate Gloves Blueprint
(1) Quality 10 – Plate Boots Blueprint

* Up To Mythical *

Due to the nature of how the quality multipliers work in Atlas, every item is randomly generated upon claiming your kit. Your items still have a chance of spawning with common stats but with an added buff.