Atlas Atlas

In-Game Server Name:

| 7×7 | | 10x | PVP | Rewards | Shop |

Server Objective:

Our goal is to provide players with a community they can call home. A community that’s fun and active, but can still battle under respectable terms . PVP is enabled but please no griefing! Server configurations have been setup to accommodate players with a working/gaming lifestyle.

This server is equipped with automatic server updates, automatic crash detection and launching of crashed servers. If a grid does happen to crash, please allow a few minutes, as 99% of the crashes will automatically reboot and resume without any admin interaction. Server uptime is very important to us, and we do our best to make sure its up whenever possible.

Server Details:

Colonies PVP
25% Upkeep Costs
320 MAX Island Points – Company
4 Hour Combat Phase, 20 Hour Peace Phase
Difficulty Offset 4 – Wild Level 120 Tames
Grids With Increased SOTD Difficulty = More Challenge, Loot, & Gold!!!
Boosted Mytho Drops

Max Player Ship Level Ups – 76

Global Chat Shop  (Earn Currency For Time Spent On The Server)

Voting Reward System  (Get Gold, Mythos, and Shop Currency For Voting For The Community)

Donations & Donation Perks Available

Fog Of War Disabled
Unlimited Player Respecs
All Quests & Resources

Structure Collision Disabled
10x Experience
10x Gathering

10x Taming
10x Breeding
3x Player Engram Points
3x Player Stat Level Ups

2x Treasure Map Gold Multiplier
2x Floatsam Multiplier Automatic Updates
Automatic Crash Detection & Launching 7x7banner.gif Join Us On Discord