Ark PvE

This server is setup to give players currency for the time spent online to be used to buy things via our in game shop.

Players get 5 points for every 5 minutes spent on the server.

Demo Of Our Ingame shop system.
To open simply hit:

Element VIP 5x Shop Points Multiplier

Supporters can get increased point handouts, for more information check out our Donation Store!

For Example:
Our best supporter rank (Element) gets 25 points per 5 minutes spent online.

To Use Open Global Chat & Type:

/points = Check available currency
/buy <ITEMID> <QTY> = Purchases <ITEMID> <QTY>
/trade <‘CharacterName’> <Amount> – Sends points to other player (‘ ‘ – are necessary).

Working Examples:

/buy sword = Will purchase 1 sword
/buy grapplinghook 3 = Will purchase 3 grappling hooks
/trade ‘infiniti’ 1000 = Gives Infiniti 1000 Shop Points

Pricing is subject to change.

Below Is The Current Shop Spreadsheet

Just Need Some Shop Points??

Shop Point Donations