Atlas PvE

I.S. Exclusive Creatures

Infiniti Squadron has a great selection of new creatures.  We are always continuing to bring our players new creatures.  We try to give each creature a unique purpose to give Atlas A More In-Depth purpose. 

We have added several VIP creatures for those who wish to help support Infiniti Squadron.

Griffin (VIP Only)

The Griffin is a Flying Creature that can carry a rider as well as a passenger without the need of a saddle. With the front half of an Eagle and the back half of a Lion, it is as if these two creatures somehow fused together to form a truly majestic land and air predator. They can rapidly dive from the sky and carry its momentum back into rapid uplift, covering vast distances through the air with ease. Griffins are weak to artillery type attacks and will take increased damage if hit.

Main Attack (left click): melee
Secondary Attack (right click): grab

While in the air, Griffins can pick up and carry wild/tamed Creatures up to Tiger size, as well as players. While carrying something in their claws, Griffins will be unable to dive.

Note: Griffins have no gender and cannot mate.

– Supporters Can Now Buy & Claim Griffins From Our Shop System!
– Must Have An ACTIVE Sub Of Either Gold, Or Mytho To Claim
– Mytho Ranks Now Include 1 Griffin (20000 Point Value)
– Available For 20000 Shop Points For Gold & Mytho Ranked VIP Members

Leatherwing (VIP Only)

The Leatherwing is a Flying Creature that can be ridden by players when equipped with a tier 3 saddle. Though its stats may be rather low when first used, it can be very instrumental in island exploration. Fly the highest cliffs, make short/light resource runs, etc!

– Supporters Can Now Buy & Claim Leatherwings From Our Shop System!
– Must Have An ACTIVE Sub Of Either Opal, Copper, Gold, Or Mytho To Claim
– Available For 9000 Shop Points For Any Ranked VIP Members

Otter (VIP Only)

While The Otter is small, it’s a super useful Creature! They have several awesome abilities which warrant them being VIP only, so you’ll need to be an active supporting ranked member (Opal, Copper, Gold, Mytho) to obtain them. They do not spawn naturally on the map. When catching Fish, The Otter has a 25% chance of finding either 5 gold or mythos. When mounted on your shoulder, The Otter is even more useful as it has a couple additional perks. The weight of all items in its inventory is reduces by 50%, thus acting like a “Backpack”. While acting as your added backpack, your Otter also gives Hyper/Hypo Insulation.

Note: Otters ONLY eat Fish.

– Supporters Can Now Buy & Claim Otters From Our Shop System!
– Must Have An ACTIVE Sub Of Either Opal, Copper, Gold, Or Mytho To Claim
– Mytho Ranks Now Include 1 Otter (6000 Point Value)
– Available For 6000 Shop Points For Any Ranked VIP Members

Unicorn (VIP Only)

A new Mythical Creature, The Fabled Unicorn! It has increased stats compared to the Common Horse, one perk being the jump is about twice the distance!

Unicorns are Mythical Creatures, who, uniquely, ONLY feed on Moon Shine. If they do not have Moon Shine, they slowly but surely starve. During the night hours, your Unicorn will rejuvenate 30HP every few seconds. This is their “Starlight” stat.

Unicorns Require their own saddle, which can be crafted in-game. It is called the “Unicorn Saddle”. They DO NOT accept tier 2 saddles.

– Supporters Can Now Buy & Claim Unicorns From Our Shop System!
– Must Have An ACTIVE Sub Of Either Opal, Copper, Gold, Or Mytho To Claim
– Available For 8000 Shop Points For Any Ranked VIP Members


This creature is an ALL IN ONE Creature found in Tropical and Equatorial Biomes. It will gather: Wood, Thatch, Stone, Metal from Stone, Flint from Stone, and solid resource nodes as well. A right click of the mouse will gather Fiber depending if it is available where you are at. After fighting other animals, it also harvests their Meat and Hide. The Hippo yields a heavy knock back blow when fighting, similar to The Rhino. It is a BEAST to its core. Not cheap to tame, and definitely not for the inexperienced to tame, the cost benefit of the Hippo can make your Atlas life much easier. The Hippo is tamable with one of 2 items craftable in the grill. Either the Mythical Seaweed Cracker or the Seaweed Cracker. The Mythical Seaweed Cracker will yield a total of 12 Crackers on a single craft. This Cracker provides for a much quicker taming process than the Seaweed Cracker.

Breeding Hippos has been found to require being in water.

Please Note: After birth, Baby Hippos need to be taken out of the water to feed. Failure to do so will result in the babies dying of starvation.


The Moose is normally found in Tundra Biome. It is a rather Large Creature that can be ridden without a saddle. It does move fairly quick, but not as fast as other tames in the game. It will gather Thatch and Wood similar to The Elephant. The Moose can impale/pick up Smaller Creatures during battle. A live Moose will provide Moose Milk necessary for making Seaweed Crackers, which are needed to tame The Hippo. A harvested dead Moose will provide Antler Fragments also required for crafting Seaweed Crackers, used to tame The Hippo. The Moose is tamed using a combination of different items crafted in the grill. Preferred taming foods are: Dragons Tongue Delight, Dark Drought, Tara Nosti Treat, and Shrunken Head Stew.


The Fox is a Small Creature that can be found in Tundra Biome.                        Being small in size can, sometimes, make it difficult to see. While it is rather slow in movement, it’s also known to be skittish as well.                                An outstanding perk of taming The Fox… it will warn you of impending danger! The Fox is tamed from Raw Meat, and is a passive tame.

Bald Eagle

The Bald Eagle is the largest of the Eagle family. It is found in the Desert Biome, and is a rare spawn. After taming with Raw Meat or Raw Prime, the Bald Eagle will join you in your Atlas Adventure by riding on your shoulder.

Golden Eagle

Like The Bald Eagle, The Golden Eagle is also a rare spawn in Desert Biome. Similar to the Bald Eagle, it’s tamed using Raw Meat or Raw Prime and rides on your shoulder after being tamed. The Golden Eagle also provides Golden Eagle Eggs needed to craft mythical Seaweed Crackers, which are required to tame The Hippo.

Dung Beetle

The Dung Beetle is a new QOL Creature. Beetles can be found on any island that have Ostriches. Is a Tier 3 Tame, and preferred taming food is FECES. After tame its only source of food is SPOILED MEAT. These QOL Creatures have special abilities to convert Essence into Crude Oil and Feces into Fertilizer.

Fuel (for Crude Oil):
– Weak Essence: 1 hour
– Normal Essence: 2 hours
– Strong Essence: 4 hours
– Crystalized Essence: 12 hours

Crude Oil production rate: 20+(Level*0.1) per hour

Fertilizer crafting (15 minutes, each poop type having a separate timer):
– Small/Human Feces: 1 Fertilizer
– Medium Feces: 2 Fertilizer
– Large Feces: 4 Fertilizer

Health: 250.1 base/+37.5 per level
Stamina: 100 base/+10 per level
Oxygen: 150 base/+15 per level
Food: 900 base/+90 per level
Melee: 114.1% base/+4.45% per level
Weight: 5 base/+0.1 per level


The Snail is another QOL Creature added. You will find Snails on any island that has Monkeys. They are a Tier 3 Tame, and their preferred food is Tara’Nosti Treat ONLY. They have the ability to convert Essence into Organic Paste.

– Weak Essence: 1 hour
– Normal Essence: 2 hours
– Strong Essence: 4 hours
– Crystalized Essence: 12 hours

Paste production rate: 20+(Level*0.1) per hour

Health: 93.8 base/+14.1 per level
Stamina: 100 base/+10 per level
Food: 450 base/+45 per level
Melee: 114.1% base/+4.45% per level
Weight: 250 base/+3 per level
Oxygen: 150 base/+15 per level


The Trilobite is a new Creature added to help with acquiring some of the rarer resources. Trilobites can be found on any island containing Turtles. When successfully killed and harvested, a Trilobite provides you with Residue and Mineral Oil.


Gorgons are a Tier 3 Creature added to our tameable collection. They can be found on certain Powerstone Islands. Having no gender, Gorgons are unable to mate. When taming, the Gorgon will ask for a random Fertilized Bird Egg (Chicken, Crow, Parrot, Seagull, or Vulture). Once tamed they eat Meat and can carry a rider as well as one passenger. Taming a Gorgon, or being within the near vicinity of a company-member when taming one, will give you the skill to craft the Gorgon Stun Resistance Brew.

Main Attack (left click): Melee
Secondary Attack (right click): Snake Throw
Special Ability (C): Scream

Once tamed, Gorgons will only Scream when directed to by their rider. There is a 10-minute cooldown (5 minutes on the PVE server) between Screams. Each Scream will consume 100 mythos (20 on the PVE server) from the Gorgon’s inventory. The Scream will stun Creatures, players, and NPC who are NOT seated on a structure (ex: sails/cannons).

Big Horn Sheep

The Big Horn Sheep is equipped with powerful horns that allow them to smash Rocks and Stones with ease. When mining Stones, they receive significantly more Flint than Stone, and when mining pure Flint, they receive a bonus.

They can be passively tamed, but become aggressive when touched.
Unlike other passive tames, you must tame the Big Horn Sheep with Kibble, a new food in Atlas.
The Kibble must be put on the ground in order for the Big Horn Sheep to eat.

Note: Big Horn Sheep in a trap will not eat or get taming progress.


The Shark is a Tier 2 Creature.
When ridden, The Shark provides a fortitude buff.

Favorite Foods: Squid, Crustacean, and other Fish Meats. After taming, The Shark will also eat normal Animal Meat, but will provide less food value than Fish Meats.

Taming Method: player damage (directly from player, tame ridden by player, or submarine driven by player) on sharks with less than 25% health will cause them to be stunned (similar to a Crab).