Ark PvE

PVE Server Details:

Includes ALL Official Maps
+ All 12 Official Maps
+ Any Future Official DLC’s Will Be Added

Server Rates
+ 5x Experience
+ 5x Gathering
+ 10x Taming
+ 10x Breeding

Max Wild Creature Level – 150

Unlimited Player Respecs

Structure Collision Disabled

Serverwide Globalchat & Discord Integration
+ Communicate With ALL Players Accross ALL Maps!!!
+ Communicate To/From Game & Discord

Tribe Log Relay
+ Forward In-Game Tribe Logs to Your Own Discord Channel

In-Game Shop
+ Earn Points For Time Spent On The Server
+ F2 To Open UI, Or Use Commands

Voting Reward System

Automatic Updates

Crash Detection & Launching

Donations & Perks Available

Server Objective:

Server Objective:

Here you will find a well balanced Ark experience. We offer some great QOL mods, and active admins that are always willing to help when available.

Our goal is to provide players with a community they can call home. A community that’s fun and active.

We have great hardware with low pings, coupled with Gigabit service and secure backup routines to ensure stable and enjoyable game experience for all. Our servers are NOT rented, all servers and hardware are locally owned and maintained by the server owner with the help of community donations.

This server is equipped with automatic server updates. Server uptime is very important to us, and we do our best to make sure its up whenever possible.

Server configurations have been setup to accommodate players with a working/gaming lifestyle.