Atlas PvP

In-Game Server Name:

12-22 | | PvP | 20x | All Content

Server Objective:

Looking for one of the best and unique Atlas servers out there?

Infiniti Squadron offers an experience you wont find elsewhere.

We have an awesome collection of custom mods specifically tailored for our servers only. You will find content, creatures, and even ships not offered elsewhere. We are constantly providing new content and events. We have an amazing support staff and a super awesome community.

We have great hardware with low pings, coupled with Battery Backup Systems, Gigabit service, and secure backup routines to ensure stable and enjoyable game experience for all. Our servers are NOT rented, all servers and hardware are locally owned and maintained by the server owner with the help of community donations. All donations help pay for the cost of needed utilities and upkeep to keep the servers in tip top condition. Expansion isn’t possible without the help of a community funded server. We would like to thank all our supporters, as you have helped us get to where we are now. Player Feedback is always welcome and helpful in making a better server experience for all.

PVP is enabled but please no griefing! Server configurations have been setup to accommodate players with a working/gaming lifestyle.

This server is equipped with automatic server updates, automatic crash detection and launching of crashed servers. If a grid does happen to crash, please allow a few minutes, as 99% of the crashes will automatically reboot and resume without any admin interaction. Server uptime is very important to us, and we do our best to make sure its up whenever possible.

Server Details:

[Colonies PVP]

[Company Member Limit = 8 Members]

[Company Island Points = 100 Island Points]

[2 Hour Combat Phase, 22 Hour Peace Phase]

[Server Exclusive Mods]
+ Many Custom & Exclusive Only Tames
+ Custom & Unique Content

[Server Rates]
+15x Experience
+20x Gathering
+20x Taming
+20x Breeding
+3x Player Engram Points
+3x Player Stat Level Ups

[Player Ships]
+ Common Shipyard To Level 50
+ Blueprinted Shipyard To Level 100!

[Fully Interactive Map System]
+ Can Search For Tames & Resources And Is Directly Accessible In-Game!

[Serverwide Globalchat]
+ Communicate With ALL players accross the map!

[All Quests & Resources Available]
+ All Available Quests
+ All Resources Available To Harvest
+ All Powerstones
+ All Essensce Of Power
+ Easy/Hard Kraken
+ Yeti Boss

[Max Wild Creature Level – 120]

[Boosted SOTD & Treasure – More Challenge, Better Loot, & more Gold!!!]

[Boosted Mythos Drops]

[Progressive Floatsam Multipliers]

[In-Game Shop]
+ Earn Points For Time Spent On The Server
+ Control+F2 To Open UI, Or Use Commands

[Tribe Log Relay]
+ Forward In-Game Tribe Logs to Your Own Discord Channel

[Donations & Perks Available]

[Fog Of War Disabled]

[Unlimited Player Respecs]

[Structure Collision Disabled]

[Automatic Updates]

[Crash Detection & Launching]

Server Mods: