Argent (VIP Only)

Welcome the Argent, our newest flying VIP creature. Argents are a tier 3 creature, that require a saddle to ride. This bird will be well liked for its unique abilities! It’s statted to be a combat and farming assistant. You will love the maneuverability as it can walk and fly backwards, as well as strafe left/right in flight. Its first ability worth noting, farmed resources like woods, metals, etc have a 50% weight reduction in its inventory. Secondly, while in combat, any corpse you eat with your Argent, will give a 20 second rejuvenation buff, which significantly restores your Argent’s health.

Main Attack (left click): Melee
Secondary Attack (right click): Grab

While in the air, Argents can pick up and carry wild/tamed creatures up to tiger size. While carrying, you can NOT attack.

Note: Argents have no gender and can’t mate.
Also Note: In PvP Environment, Argents can NOT pick up players or enemy tames.

– Supporters Can Now Buy & Claim Argents From Our Shop System!
– Must Have An ACTIVE Sub Of Either Gold, Or Mytho To Claim
– Mytho Ranks Now Include 1 Argent (15000 Point Value)
– Available For 15000 Shop Points For Gold & Mytho Ranked VIP Members