Otter (VIP Only)

While The Otter is small, it’s a super useful Creature! They have several awesome abilities which warrant them being VIP only, so you’ll need to be an active supporting ranked member (Opal, Copper, Gold, Mytho) to obtain them. They do not spawn naturally on the map. When catching Fish, The Otter has a 25% chance of finding either 5 gold or mythos. When mounted on your shoulder, The Otter is even more useful as it has a couple additional perks. The weight of all items in its inventory is reduces by 50%, thus acting like a “Backpack”. While acting as your added backpack, your Otter also gives Hyper/Hypo Insulation.

Note: Otters ONLY eat Fish.

– Supporters Can Now Buy & Claim Otters From Our Shop System!
– Must Have An ACTIVE Sub Of Either Opal, Copper, Gold, Or Mytho To Claim
– Mytho Ranks Now Include 1 Otter (6000 Point Value)
– Available For 6000 Shop Points For Any Ranked VIP Members