Thylacoleo (VIP Only)

Welcome the newest VIP creature to our servers! The Thylacoleo is the bigger brother of the Tiger! This ferocious beast is sure to be a favorite amongst your collection of tames. It has slightly better stats then a tiger, and has bleed as a secondary attack. It can also climb walls/cliffs. These new creatures are for our Gold/Mytho Ranked Supporters. Available for 10000 Shop Points! Main Attack (left click): Melee Secondary Attack (right click): Bleed Special Ability: Can climb Note: Thylacoleo have no gender and can’t mate.

– Server Supporters Can Now Buy & Claim Thylacoleos From Our Shop System! – Must Have An ACTIVE Sub Of Either Gold, Or Mytho To Claim – Mytho Ranks Now Include 1 Thylacoleo (10000 Point Value) – Available For 10000 Shop Points For Gold & Mytho Ranked VIP’s