Rust Gathering Skillsets

Video Demonstration Below

Supporting Members are given 4 skillsets to level up and get perks from.

Each skill can be leveled up to 20 times.

You are given 5 xp points torwards each skill for the relative actions(Mining,Skinning,Gathering,etc). Upon each successful level up you are given a 5% bonus.

There are penalties for death! You will loose 50% of your skills upon any death, this gives players the need to STAY ALIVE!

To get Gathering Skillsets you must be a Supporting Rank. This includes Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum

Chat Commands

/stats – displays stats.
/statsui – toggle’s stats interface.
/statinfo – Displays information about certain skill, including server configuration.

Available Skills

1) Mining – Gathering all types of ore
Woodcutting – Gathering wood, cactus
Skinning – Gathering animals
Aquire – Collecting