Rust SkinBox

Video Demonstration Below

SkinBox allows Supporting Members to change the skin of any skinnable item they place in the box.

When a item has been placed in the box it will be populated with the available skins.

The player can then drag out the skin they want into their inventory.

To use the SkinBox you must be a Supporting Rank. This includes Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum

Chat Commands To Open SkinBox:

Skinning Costs:
Bronze & Silver Ranks – 10 Scrap Per Item
Gold & Silver Ranks – Unlimited Skinning At No Charge!

Please Note Regarding Client Skin Downloads:

Neither the server or the plugin are resposible for actually loading skins on the client. This is purely between the client and Steam. The plugin merely tells the client the skin ID and the client asks Steam to download it.

Any issues regarding skin icons not loading on the client are entirely client side.

If you are having issues with skin icons not loading, open Steam, go to the downloads tabs, and force start the queued up workshop requests