Last Oasis PvP

In-Game Server Name: PvP

Server Objective:

Looking for one of the best and unique Last Oasis servers out there?

Infiniti Squadron offers an experience you wont find elsewhere.

We have an amazing support staff and a super awesome community.

We have great hardware with low pings, coupled with Battery Backup Systems, Gigabit service, and secure backup routines to ensure stable and enjoyable game experience for all. Our servers are NOT rented, all servers and hardware are locally owned and maintained by the server owner with the help of community donations. All donations help pay for the cost of needed utilities and upkeep to keep the servers in tip top condition. Expansion isn’t possible without the help of a community funded server. We would like to thank all our supporters, as you have helped us get to where we are now. Player Feedback is always welcome and helpful in making a better server experience for all.

Server Details:


5x Gather
5x Expierence